• Postado Por : Patrick Sunday, October 6, 2013

    Welcome to my blog! Here I'll post some interesting things about pokémon such as: curiosities, images, my drawings and Who's that VA Pokémon!
    The name of the Site is: VAsh Monferno, but why?? I'm entering in a Virtuadopt's Contest, so VA is from Virtuadopt and I decided to put my name (in virtuadopt) together with Virtuadopt's abbreviation, so it becomes: VAsh Monferno!

    But now it's my introduction time!!
    I'm Patrick, but I'm called as Ash Monferno in Virtuadopt, so you can call me here the same! I started to like Pokémon some years ago and with that I watched all seasons of Pokémon until now and I played most of the games (Generation I - Generation V).
    My favorite type of Pokémon is Grass-type, but I like many others! In the next posts you'll know my other favorite pokémon!


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